Checklist #4 72 Hour kit

Most of the survivalist think, that’s in case of emergency you must be prepared for at least 3 day. I’m totally agree.

Unlike EDC and survival kit’s this one contain full 3 day water, food and spare clothes. Theoretically, you will be able to stay alive for 3 day by doing almost nothing- just put shelter and listen to a radio. In real life, in a wildness, or an in emergency you have to relocate and move whole stuff – so this kit’s free you from the search for food but not from to survive.

Mostly, in all 72H kit’s list of items is same:

1x Mini AM/FM emergency radio
1x Solar Charger
4x l Emergency Drinking Water Pouches
12x 500gm Emergency Food Ration Bars
10x Emergency Glow Sticks
1x Water resistant torch with exra batteries
6x Survival Blankets, compact emergency foil thermal survival blanket
2x Whistles
2x Poncho, pocket size disposable poncho
2x Survival Bivi Bag, heavy duty poly bag with survival instructions
2x Blankets, convenient roll-up design
1x Hand Sanitize, water-less hand cleanser gel
1x Work Gloves, pair
1x Multi-tool
1x Tape, multiple-use water-proof repair tape
50x Water purification tablets; destroys bacteria and viruses in drinking water
1x Water straw
1x Drinking Water Bottle, 1000 ml with secure cap
1x Travel First Aid Kit
1x Notebook with pencil
1x Signal Mirror
1x Waterproof document pouch
1x Sunscreen
1x Hat
1x gloves pair
1x Thermal underwear
1x solid fuel cooker
10x Hexamine tablets
1x Compass
1x Flint Stone
1x Hatchet
1x Foldable knife
1x Toilet paper roll
1x liquid detergent
Plastic garbage bags, ties
1x Flammable liquid
Map of the area

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