Checklist #5 BUg Out Bag

Bug Out Bag

Bug out bag (or BoB) content is almost same like survival kit combined with 72h kits. But with more comfortable gears (and heavy)

Also, they are build for several person, not for alone survival

Mostly, BoB kits requires transport like a car. Or separation for two (or more) person.

In addition to other items they may include (sometime as substitution):

  • Full-size tent
    Full-size axe
    Gas/liquid Stove with fuel
    Water filtration system
    Hunting items /Fire Arms (depend to law)
    Folding saw
    Full-size sleep bag’s
    Solar charger (50w)
    Tent heater
    Food can’s
    HAM radio and/or walkie-talkie system
    GPS navigation