Would you agree that we live in a dangerous and unpredictable world?

Floods, storms, severe weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami and landslides happen. It’s nature, and we can’t predict it or have little warning to prepare.

The results can be devastating for the people! At best, you have few hours, sometimes even minutes, to escape to a shelter or just anywhere…

  But humanity is even more unpredictable. A local conflict can start. Road to the home can be blocked by a fallen tree or a mudslide. Or numerous other problems may lead to you being stranded in your car or having to free your house in a blink of an eye. What do you take with you?

  It must be compact yet enable you to survive on your own for a few days before you can reach help.

Design of new survival kit is a trap. It’s can become

  • Too heavy
  • Too big
  • Useless or
  • Just one more

There is only one way to build survival kit for real life. Experience. Than it is larger and more diverse, the better the set will be.

I survive in civil war, earthquake, flood and so on. Having a big kit with designated items is a way, having an MRE  is always good, but having a proper  tools, materials and, for sure, cold mind is better. Balance of all tools – is other trap of a kit.

 Based on my (an not only) experience I build unique Survival kit, and i call him 

Save Your Life-1




An unique set that includes more than 80 different items, such as a solar panel, a universal charging device with a DC/DC  regulator and USB, a shovel that turns into an axe, a walkie-talkie with dedicates Cospas-Sarsat SOS call button, tarp, sleeping bag, food,personal hygiene e.t.c.

All this size in a box weighing 4 kg and size  a little big than A4 paper


Inside of this kit we have:


Tarp 2×3 m1
Rain cover 1
Tube bandanna1
Mylar sleep bag1
Ferrocerium road1
Thermal pad4
Gas lighter (dual mode)1
Liquid lighter with spark1
Alcohol stove1
Fuel tablets3
Flammable liquid (wd-40)1

Health and first aid

Nail-clip Kit1
Dental floss300m
Hand disinfection1
Antiseptic tissues3
Afterburner gel1
Pill box1
Bandages 5

Food and water

Protein bar2
Energy gel1
Tee Bag2
Instant Coffee 2
Water flask1
Water purification1
Collapsible mug1
Fishing kit1

Multipurpose tools 

Solar Charger 6 VDC,1W1
Flashlight multi-mode1
UHF transmitter 1w UHF1
18650 charger with USB1
Screwdriver with bit1
8 in one box1
Para-Biner Pulley System 1
Adhesive tape1
Shovel with knife and compass1
Multi tool pliers1
Sewing kit1
Small tin1
Paracord rope20m
18650 LIion spare baterry1