GHB and QRB Bags are combination of EDC and Mini survival BUT!

First difference is size

GHB is regular backpack or small backpack inside of regular. To return home and take BoB/72H

QRB- – custom design, or some fabric, but it’s ergonomic and inconspicuous. For Quick Run. Not necessarily to home.

Second- Both of them also contain food and water – at least for one day – protein bars, hi-energy bars, energy gel any- but not canned. Best is 24h ration MRE

Additional components:

  • MRE or 6x hi-calories ration
  • 1L water in hydration or in bottle
  • 1x Multi-functional Shovel or Hatchet
  • 1x Tarp 210×310
  • 1x headlamp
  • 1x face mask
  • 1x protective work gloves
  • 1x protective googles, isolating
  • 1x Ham radio (3w)
  • 1x Stainless mug (or similar)

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