Checklist #5 BUg Out Bag

Bug out bag (or BoB) content is almost same like survival kit combined with 72h kits. But with more comfortable gears (and heavy) Also, they are build for several person, not for alone survival Mostly, BoB kits requires transport like a car. Or separation for two (or more) person. In addition to other items they …


Bug Out Bag

Checklist #4 72 Hour kit

Most of the survivalist think, that’s in case of emergency you must be prepared for at least 3 day. I’m totally agree. Unlike EDC and survival kit’s this one contain full 3 day water, food and spare clothes. Theoretically, you will be able to stay alive for 3 day by doing almost nothing- just put …


City EDC


GHB and QRB Bags are combination of EDC and Mini survival BUT! First difference is size GHB is regular backpack or small backpack inside of regular. To return home and take BoB/72H QRB- – custom design, or some fabric, but it’s ergonomic and inconspicuous. For Quick Run. Not necessarily to home. Second- Both of them …


Checklist #3 Survival Kit

Survival kits are designed for true emergency – like ear-quake or some other unexpected situation. The main transport is your backpack or bag, but they leave your lot of free space for daily items like laptop. However, included items gives you a chance to survive up to a 3 day’s in almost any situation. This …



Checklist #2 EDC

An EDC (Everyday Carry) survival kit is a collection of essential items that you carry with you on a daily basis, specifically designed for emergency and survival situations. These items are designed to help you handle unexpected situations, from a power outage to a natural disaster, and help you stay alive and comfortable until help …


Checklist #1 City EDC

City EDC, first of all is not a survival kit at all. It’s just a small set of daily use items, witch you may need in daily, office or out of office life without any disaster. So, mandatory items for city edc kit at least includes: Must Have Wallet with cash and credit card ID …