Checklist #1 City EDC

City EDC
City EDC, first of all is not a survival kit at all. It’s just a small set of daily use items, witch you may need in daily, office or out of office life without any disaster.

So, mandatory items for city edc kit at least includes:

Must Have

  • Wallet with cash and credit card
  • ID card/passport
  • Small multi-tool (or knife) with screwdriver, can/bottle opener
  • Smartphone
  • Power bank
  • Home/car keys
  • Key hole flashlight
  • Any “Survival Card”
  • Pills (if you need)

As an option you can add:

  • Lighter (gas, zippo)
  • Mini-flashlight (better rechargeable with you power bank)
  • Paracord bracelet or key chain
  • Pain-killer pills
  • Key-chain Multi-tool- with some sort of pry bar
  • Water bottle/flask with water 🙂 1 liter minimum, better if you will take iron bottle

In simple- city EDC this is really what you may need daily, and you can use it even at office. No more- but not less.

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