EDC? BoB? 72Hour? What survival kit you need?

EDC? BoB? What to survival kit choose, what to carry, and which kit will really help me?

A lot of people are talking about bug out bags, EDC, survival kit and so on. People want to be prepared for disaster when it strikes, and they want to be able to keep their family safe.

All this chatter has got some knowledge from another, but people don’t know what is ” get home back kit ” is, and how they are different form 72 hour kit. Today I want to go over exactly what each bag is and what makes them different.

In the table you can find approximately how long your set will keep you .Remember that everything ends up curling about your knowledge, skills and situation. In some cases, you can get around a simple multitool. But in the other you don’t have enough of your own farm …

Days to survive with your survival kit or EDC

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