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What should be in an emergency kit?

Many kinds of emergencies can cause you to have to evacuate. In some cases, you may have no time  to prepare while other situations might call for an immediate evacuation. Planning is vital to making sure that you can evacuate quickly and safely no matter what the circumstances.

We build this kit according to opinions of people, why know exactly what evacuation kit mean, and what they need at basic in shelter

This emergency kit contain only basic, civilian survival items

We hope, that’s you already have powerbank, smartphone and your document’s with you

We also think, that’s you are smart to carry with you some sort of protein food and water of clean water

Here we provide some useful items which will help you to survive in case of shelter evacuation

Please, consider to read following guides

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We have some useful information, wich you can read in our Survival basc blog

In our emergency kit you can find

– Mylar blanket
– Rain poncho
– Cutlery set
– Multi Tool knife
– Flashlight (_remove protect inside battery cover_)
– 4 hour candle
– 2,5 liter ziplock bag
– 50m dental floss
– L- shape hook/opener in top
– ChemLight 48h on top (_can be used as trial marker or help with kit discovery, break it to light up!_)
– Pencil
– Sewing kit
– Elastic bandage
– 4x Waterproof patches
– 2x Alcohol pad
– 5x Cotton pad
– 2x Water purification tablet (_1 liter each_)
– 3x Toothpick
– 7x TIre up


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