Must Have

We can’t be prepared for any situation, but the is some set of tools and items must exists in your kit. 

  1. Normal size ( 6-12 cm) knife or multi-tool WITHOUT removable parts like bit’s. Remember, everything witch can be fall of lost – will be. Knife must be good, do not try to save on in! Your can’t replace it with something witch you can find in the wild.
  2. Fire “initiator” – ferrum road, matches, lighter- better all together. But, as always take only that’s what you know how to use. Same, like for knife- do not buy cheap.
  3. Water filtration -table’s, straw, reverse osmosis filtration or even stainless mug- remember, you can survive without water for only 3 days, and then if you are very lucky. Also, mug is very useful in any situation. 
  4. Body protection, or shelter. Your closes is first barrier, do not drop it! Even if you fell hot. Shelter, any kind of like tarp, mular bag or just plastic bags. 
  5. Rope, Classical paracord is best. You can use it for very very many things. Here is more information 
  6. Flashlight. LED for sure, and rechargeable. Also, simple solar charger, even cheapest one “keyring” will be more than ok to charge small flashlight, like Nitecore TIP during daytime. Both are small, lightweight and  must be included in your kit. However, if you prefer use some big tacjtical , battery powered lflashlight or crank- go get it. Again, main rule for survival – Take only you know use!
  7. Smarphone. Not funny, we living in 21 Century, please read here

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