What if?

Survival as subject can be spited in 3 big categories:

  1. Planed – like volcano or planned trip somewhere
  2. Prepared – like war or public riot  
  3. Accidentally – earthquake, terrorist attack, building collapse.

In first two cases, you have your BOB/GHB, plan, and most important – time. Time to get bag, take closes, and move according plan

However, last case is worst scenario. Probably, you will stay with item, witch you have in your pocket. For example you may stack at office desk – without access to your EDC/GHB. You will stay with item, witch you have in your pocket.

What you have???

In most cases, you will not leave your office/home without some things

  1. Phone
  2. Wallet
  3. Keys

Put out your poket  on desk. What you have? Victorinox small knife? Great! Forget about “ultimate pro survival knife” – your survival knife is not that what you have in hand.  Have mini led keychain? Perfect! This is your “ultra bright long lasting waterproof survival tactical flashlight” for now . Do you smoke? No? Bad. You have no fire.

What im want to say- in case of emergency situation you may left without any precisely assembled kit and bag. You should consider any possible scenario, and ALWAYS carry on some minimal, not forgettable, like smartphone survival kit/ or gears. 

Don’t forget you must have

light source

multi tool/knife

fire starter

Make it double. Triple! They  are small and easy to carry. I can suggest

  1. Nitecore TIP CREE XP-G2 S3 or TrueUtility LifeLite
  2. Leatherman Juse/Mikra , SOG POWERGRAB/POWERPLAY or Victornox Evolution Series
  3. Any Zippo or GAS lighter. Don’t blame yourself, in true emergency weight and usability is priority 






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